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  • Swimming Affenpinscher

    Swimming Affenpinscher

    This little Affenpinscher puppy isn’t scared to play fetch in a lake! Youtube @ Josef Fogger
  • Jagger the Blind Beagle

    Jagger the Blind Beagle

    Jagger, the seventh-month old blind Beagle puppy, found his match with Sheldon, the stuffed sheep. Youtube @ DrJared76
  • Akita Puppy Vs Soda Bottle

    Akita Puppy Vs Soda Bottle

    A very cute Akita puppy has his first encounter with a soda bottle. Youtube @ kwkokana
  • Chihuahuas & Root Beer Don’t Mix

    Chihuahuas & Root Beer Don’t Mix

    I don’t know why the cute chihuahua has a problem with the root beer can! Youtube @ sodium
  • American Eskimo Puppy Bumble bee

    American Eskimo Puppy Bumble bee

    It seems this American Eskimo puppy doesn’t like being a bumble bee. Youtube @ Angela Lin
  • Siberian Huskies Mad Conversations

    Siberian Huskies Mad Conversations

    Snow & Wolfie, the beautiful Siberian Huskies, get very vocal when they’re not happy. Youtube @ ChannelJoeE
  • Ruuxa & Raina

    Ruuxa & Raina

    A 7-month-old cheetah cub, Ruuxa, instigates a wrestling match and tackles a female Rhodesian ridgeback. Youtube @ San Diego Zoo …
  • Dancing English Bulldog

    Dancing English Bulldog

    Look at the moves on this cute English Bulldog! Video courtesy youtube @ fabiou64 Tags: English Bulldog, Dancing Puppies, Videos
  • Dalmatian Wants to Sleep In

    Dalmatian Wants to Sleep In

    This beautiful Dalmatian puppy doesn’t want to get out of bed! Youtube @ danielle1375
  • Doberman Meets Newborn Lamb

    Doberman Meets Newborn Lamb

    Watch this interesting encounter between a newborn lamb and a Doberman Pinscher. Youtube @ camelsandfriends
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